Embedded systems engineer/electronics and information engineer or comparable

Your responsibilities:

  • Co-development of embedded systems with MCUs, MPUs, HMPs, FPGAs or GPU components up to series production readiness.
  • Common system architectures, EMC topics as well as standards and certifications are always part of the job.
  • Creation of robust circuits up to PCB layout.
  • Component coordination with our purchasing department and distributors.
  • Coordination of certain developments between departments.

Your profile:

  • You have practical experience.
  • You value autonomy and responsibility.
  • You are efficient and motivated.
  • You love challenges.
  • You know and support agile methods (e.g. Scrum).
  • You like to work interdisciplinarily in different technical areas and different research groups.
  • You know the essential semiconductor segments very well.
  • You have experience in C(++), assembler and also basic AI knowledge (Python).
  • Ideally, you have special knowledge in special areas, e.g. EMC, power analysis, Asian semiconductors and analog amplifier circuits.
  • In PCB layout, you are familiar with terms like clock and latency analysis, capacitive layer couplings and EMC topics, and you can handle PCB CAD programs, e.g. Altium.
  • You are willing to develop increasingly larger embedded systems in the field of AD.

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